Digital signage is quickly becoming an integral component in the AV systems for a variety of organizations, including those in the education sector, and is the perfect way to engage with today’s students as they’ve been raised in a digital world. Digital signage has changed the way schools interact with staff, students, and visitors as it provides an exciting way to reach their audience with messages that are engaging and attention-grabbing.

So, what is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a type of electronic display that uses technologies like LCD and LED to display images, videos, important alerts, and more. You can find digital signage everywhere, from retail stores to hospitals to college and university campuses. Digital signage can be used to communicate promotional offers to clients while also communicating key messages and news to employees, students, and visitors.

Benefits of Digital Signage on Campus


Improved communication

Administrators at universities and colleges are having to reach hundreds to thousands of people daily. Digital signage provides an effective way to do so by creating content that will grab the attention of the younger audience. Finding a way to communicate valuable and timely content to students is important as students spend most of their time at school. By doing so, this improves communication between administrators and students.

Campus Safety

Keeping staff and students safe is a top priority for any school. Digital signage can be integrated with an emergency alert system that will automatically communicate emergencies ranging from school closures to current weather conditions. These digital signs also allow administrators to broadcast emergency contact information, campus maps, emergency plans, and more. Having these safety measures put in place gives staff and students the peace of mind that they will stay safe and secure while on campus.

Increased event attendance

Universities and colleges are always hosting events for students. Digital signage is a powerful tool to promote these events to your audience by providing the information they need. From sports events to graduations, digital signage can be used to keep students up to date with what is happening around the school. Social media can also be integrated with digital signage which provides students with updates from past and current events that are taking place around the school.


With the use of digital signage, you save costs on printing advertisements and posters that need to be displayed around campus. Digital signage helps drive sales for events taking place at the school and to raise money for fundraisers. By using this platform, it increases awareness and can increase ticket sales for events taking place.

Real-time updates

Digital signage gives you the ability to schedule and make updates to messages in real-time. The displays are perfect for providing your audience with important information like building closures or bus route changes. Digital signage is a powerful tool to get useful information across in a timely fashion.


Digital signage is the most effective way to communicate with staff and students across the campus. Whether you want to display upcoming events, important information, or lunch specials, digital signage gives you an easy platform to get your message across while reaching a large audience.

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