Given that effective communication can have a direct impact on the health, safety, and security of both your patients and staff, you need to ensure the necessary tools and resources are in place to facilitate communication for the benefit of all parties.

Innovative wireless and data applications assist with improving enterprise-wide mobile communication, enabling in-building wireless telephone and messaging systems to connect mobile devices to the existing information systems. This technology will reduce costs while enhancing productivity by increasing employee’ mobility, while at the same time reducing patient response time.

Aatel‘s preferred partners for wireless voice and data communications systems are Ascom, Panasonic, and Spectralink global leaders in wireless mobile communications that leverage voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology.

They provide a myriad of solutions for Healthcare providers, in particular, hospitals, retirement homes and communities and elder-care facilities. Their products can also be integrated with a number of our solutions, including our Nurse Call systems. Ascom’s products are also used in both the Government and Corporate markets.

Discover how Aatel can assist you with developing a wireless voice and data communications system that will improve the efficiency within your facility through leading-edge solutions. Contact us today!