Providing a safe and secure environment for the infants in your care is a big responsibility. Infant protection is a major concern for a variety of stakeholders, including caregivers, parents and their families, as well as law enforcement officials.

Having a system in place that can greatly diminish the risk of infant abduction, not to mention a mismatch of baby and mother, can go a long way to providing the type of environment everyone expects in a neonatal facility.


Aatel has partnered with two suppliers to provide our clients with the broadest possible selection of products and options for this high profile market segment. Stanley Healthcare Solutions is a leading global provider of healthcare products and services, while Visonic Technologies is one of our trusted partners in providing a variety of systems and products for the healthcare and corporate markets.

Infant Abduction Protection

The birth of a child can be one of the most exciting and memorable moments that’s shared by both parents and their families. There is nothing more special than the joy that’s experienced when a baby enters our lives. Safeguarding and protecting this precious cargo while they are in your care is of utmost concern to healthcare professionals, particularly considering the traumatic events in recent years.

Aatel provides clients with two distinct options for their infant protection systems, the Hugs Infant Protection System and the Elpas Babymatch Infant Security System.

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