When choosing a service provider for your Communications, Life Safety, and Security needs, it’s important to choose someone who can not only successfully install your new system but also has the experience and know-how to service and maintain them in the years to come.

At Aatel Communications, our goal is to not only make the design and installation of your system as seamless and trouble-free as possible, but to also ensure that the support and maintenance you receive thereafter lives up to these same high standards.

Ongoing Service Support and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Aatel’s service and maintenance support provide a variety of servicing options for our clients and will also assist in diagnosing issues and dispatching service assistance on a 24/7 basis.

Our work doesn’t end when a project is completed. We strive to ensure that the systems we have developed continue to function for years to come as they did when they were first installed. In order to achieve this, we start by making sure we have the best people possible. We’re very proud of our knowledgeable and dedicated Service department and Customer Service team, who day in and day out deliver the kind of support our clients have come to expect.

For us, our after-sales service is just as important to us if not more important than the initial sale. It’s what helps to distinguish us from our competitors and forces us to keep raising the bar on how we define outstanding customer service.

Our Customer Care department provides a variety of servicing options for our clients, everything from product maintenance and upgrades to complete support services after the initial system deployment. They will also assist in diagnosing issues and dispatching service assistance on a 24/7 basis.

You don’t have to be an existing client to reap the many benefits of Aatel’s service and maintenance support. We can service clients that have purchased their equipment from other providers and will treat this as an opportunity to truly WOW you.

To learn more about our service and maintenance capabilities, including the various Service Agreements (SAGs) we have available for you, contact us now.