What is a Nurse Call System?

Whether your nurse call system is used in a retirement home, long term care facility, rehab facility, or hospital, your residents and patients want to feel safe and secure. Nurse call systems allow patients to contact their nurse easily and enables healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care. These solutions, which use technology to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and those they serve, can improve responsiveness, levels of care, operational efficiency, and patient or client satisfaction.

Benefits of a Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems provide healthcare facilities with many practical benefits including:

  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced healthcare worker fatigue
  • Fully integrated communication
  • Scalable
  • Provides instant communication

4 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Nurse Call System

  1. Your facility is expanding

If your hospital is renovating or adding new patient wings, it is important to make sure the technology you are having installed is up to date. A next-generation nurse call system can help increase efficiency, enhance patient safety, and optimize clinical workflows.

  1. You need richer data

Why settle for an outdated system that provides no real-time data or actionable insights? Today’s nurse call systems help clinical leaders balance workflows, track caregiver performance, identify care trends and address service recovery. Data insights on patient room activity can also be exported and integrated with your facility’s data platform.

  1. Your system is outdated

Updating a nurse call system can be low on a healthcare facility’s priority list. If the existing system functions as it should, the need to replace it is not urgent. However, if the technology in your nurse call system is outdated, or soon will be, you will be paying for it with pricier repairs down the line.

  1. Reduce alarm fatigue

Alarm fatigue negatively affects your patients. Hospitals are rarely quiet, but for nursing teams who are constantly exposed to beeping from ventilators, feeding and medication pumps, vital sign machines and more, it is easy to become overwhelmed. 85% to 99% of alarms do not actually require clinical intervention. The result? Many caregivers experience alarm fatigue, also know as sensory overload, when exposed to too many alarms. One way to address alarm fatigue is to incorporate integrated communications technology that streamlines notification processes in the hospital setting.


Overall, having an up-to-date nurse call system not only keeps patients happy, but also your staff. An advanced nurse call system ensures that the patients are attended to, while staff are provided with flexibility and enhanced communication.

At Aatel, we work closely with professionals in the healthcare industry to design, install and service nurse call systems that enable nurses and other healthcare practitioners to communicate more effectively and efficiently while providing the highest possible level of care to their patients.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Responder nurse call system can help your healthcare facility become more efficient and effective at the one thing that can distinguish you from others – outstanding patient care.