AV Control Systems are at the core of any integrated Audio-Visual system. Control Systems help users manage and control their AV solutions, providing added convenience, comfort, cost savings, and flexibility to institutions in the Education, Government, Healthcare and Corporate sectors.

The real benefit with Control Systems is their ability to manage and integrate a variety of AV and other electronic devices across your facility network, providing a central hub and access point for all the systems you frequently use.

At Aatel, our preferred vendor for AV Control and Networking Systems is Crestron, a highly respected firm known for developing superior products and systems. They excel at providing fully integrated systems capable of managing all your Audio Video equipment from a single management interface, to a simple boardroom configuration, to an entire building or series of buildings.

Control Systems

Control Systems help users manage and control everything in one room

Control Systems can manage much more than AV technology; they can also be extended to support HVAC, lighting, security, and much more. Optimization of your Control System is maintained through careful design and installation, and as such, it can run multiple systems simultaneously without incident. These systems are also scalable and easily upgradeable; they’re designed to grow with you as your needs evolve and change.

IP technology is at the heart of these systems, which drives their networking capabilities. As a result, these systems provide secure and reliable connectivity by design and thus can be integrated with your other internet-connected devices and hardware – onsite or via remote access around the world.

To learn more about how our Control Systems and Networking solutions can be the right choice to meet your AV needs and so much more, contact us today.