Providing safe and secure premises for your organization is something many people today expect and take for granted. However, implementing the appropriate life safety solutions for your business is never as simple as many might expect.

Whether you’re in the Healthcare, Government, Education or Corporate sector, we know that safeguarding your patients and customers along with your staff is one of your top priorities.  We’re here to help you do just that.

At Aatel Communications, we’re focused on providing our clients with solutions that address a variety of life safety issues. Our products and systems cover a wide array of needs, including Fire Alarm and general fire protection, Infant Abduction, Patient Wandering systems designed to monitor and protect patients and Staff Duress systems that look after those employees prone to workplace violence and other safety concerns.

Life safety systems will help enhance quality of life for your staff, customers, and patients, protect business assets by safeguarding your equipment, preventing damage, unsupervised use, and theft while offering a more appealing living and working environment for residents, patients, customers and staff members.

Let us help you uncover your needs – now and in the future.  We’ll work with you to devise the most effective solution that will best address them. Contact us today to learn more.