Video surveillance systems provide businesses with an effective way to deter and combat crime while securing the premises. They help track people’s presence and activity within your facility, safeguard clients, and authenticate employees while also limiting liability.

5 Advantages Video Surveillance Systems provide

There are many benefits video surveillance systems can provide businesses including:

1.    Increased Sense of Security

By installing a video surveillance system, your business is taking the right steps to protect your establishment while also providing peace of mind to you and your employees. You no longer need to worry about intrusions or theft, and employees will be less likely to worry about harassment and any other issues that may occur at the workplace as the surveillance system will capture everything.

Protecting your staff is just as important as keeping your business secure. Video cameras should be placed at entrances, parking lots, and exits to make the workplace safe for employees.

2.    Improved Productivity

Your employees will be more productive and more likely to stay on task knowing there is a video surveillance system monitoring their activity daily. Many businesses install video surveillance systems not only to protect people from the outside breaking in but, it gives you the ability to make sure staff are staying on task and being productive.

3.    Prevent and Reduce Theft

Placing security cameras around your business helps prevent theft and intrusions. When they are installed in the right places, they deter people from breaking in. According to a study, many small businesses lose close to $50,000 a year due to acts of violence, break-ins, and other serious crimes. Installing a video surveillance system at your establishment is extremely important to help prevent these crimes.

4.    View Real-time Monitoring of Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your business 24/7. This can be done from a computer, cellphone, or tablet and can also be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world.

5.    Reduce Costs

Video surveillance systems add another level of protection to your business and help reduce security-related costs. If your cameras have been installed in the correct locations and are monitored consistently, you do not need to spend the extra money on security guards or other resources.


To provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their video surveillance needs, Aatel Communications has partnered with three industry-leaders. Axis Communications, Aimetis, and Genetec produce superior systems and products for the IP video surveillance industry.

IP video surveillance systems offer the latest in technological advancement. They create a highly sophisticated and intelligent digital video that can be viewed anytime and virtually anywhere, while also giving users the ability to view high-resolution images via HDTV. The video output itself is crystal clear and can adapt to different environments and lighting conditions.

Discover how Aatel can partner with you to help you design the ideal remote video surveillance system for your business. Contact us to learn more about the wide array of products, services, and installations we can create for you.