Commissioning and training are key factors that distinguish Aatel from others in the industry. It’s the painstaking effort we take to get things done right – the first time – for our clients. What this entails for starters is that when we set up or ‘commission’ a system for our clients, we make every effort to do this thoroughly; no details will escape our scrutiny.

The commissioning process involves extensive testing on our part to ensure that the system we have installed conforms to the requirements as established in the design stage of the project. The premise is, therefore, to validate that the objectives of the system can be achieved when it’s in operation.

This process is highly systematic and is thoroughly documented to make certain that all aspects of the system are tested to verify the expected outcomes. It’s only then that we can feel comfortable that the system you have will function as prescribed.

We also provide complete and thorough training to designated staff as part of our services. This is a critical step from our perspective as it enables you to run the system effectively. We provide our clients with detailed training manuals for each system they’ve purchased and walk them through each one, so they fully understand how they operate.

To discover how Aatel can help you design the right system for you and make sure you get full value for your investment, contact us today to book a system inspection.