Being able to respond promptly and effectively to patient requests is an important criterion in the healthcare profession. Indeed, in most hospitals, retirement homes and elder care facilities, being able to effectively handle an emergency call from a patient could be the difference between life and death.

At Aatel, we work closely with professionals in the healthcare industry to design, install and service nurse call systems that enable nurses and other healthcare practitioners to communicate more effectively and efficiently while providing the highest possible level of care to their patients.

Our preferred vendor for nurse call systems is Rauland-Borg Corp., the leader in nurse call systems. They offer highly advanced options for our clients, including the Responder 5 and Responder 4000 Nurse Call Systems.

Responder 5 Nurse Call System

Rauland Responder 5 delivers speed and simplicity to users in a complete nurse call system. Patient calls can be sent directly to the nurse or caregiver, enabling prompt and efficient patient care. Responder 5 also has internal communications functionality, enabling staff to notify other hospital personnel when assistance and support is required.

5 Reasons why Responder 5 makes a caregiver’s life easier

Fast, direct communication

With the Responder 5 Nurse Call System, the right person gets the right call at the right time. Calls coming from a patient are relayed directly to the nurse’s wireless phone or pager – in real-time. Nurses can consult with other staff members or physicians directly. Best of all, this nurse call system is quiet and non-invasive, which promotes a healing and stress-free environment for patients.

Simple to use, easy to learn

Responder 5 is simplicity in action. Unlike more complicated technology that can burden staff, in one touch a nurse can be reached, a call can be forwarded or canceled or nurses can contact other hospital staff for assistance.  Signing “on” and “off” duty takes only seconds, so no more long lines at shift changes or waiting for patient assignments. Because the system can be customized to support the way your nurses run their floors, staff acceptance is immediate. Everything about Responder 5 relieves nurses from wasted effort, so they can spend more time on what matters most – quality patient care.

Streamlined workflow

With the push of a button, Responder 5 streamlines workflow and speeds up response time to patients’ needs by improving staff communication and giving them the support they may require. This system integrates with other areas of the hospital as well as with its other technologies (such as wireless phones and pagers) to create an up-to-date, real-time electronic overview that outlines patient information, room status, and services needed in a quick, easy layout.

A complete and customized solution

 Responder 5 connects patients to staff by linking the capabilities of the latest wireless technology (phones, pagers, real-time locating systems, etc.) with traditional “nurse call” equipment. The system is scalable up to 1500 beds and 100 hospital units, so it can be designed to fit any environment. Our certified distributors are experts in systems integration. They understand nurse call systems and hospitals and will ensure the system is set up in an optimal way that’s customized for your call process.

Extraordinary quality and service

 Rauland-Borg’s track record for quality, backed by their over 30 years of experience designing nurse call systems illustrates their commitment to servicing this market.  They specialize in the design and manufacture of Communications and Life Safety equipment for institutional environments and stand behind their products with a five-year warranty. They are the industry leaders for a good reason.

Responder 4000 Nurse Call System

Rauland Responder 4000 is a feature-rich Communications System designed and manufactured by the leader in nurse call systems. Developed specifically for the needs of the entire spectrum of long-term care facilities, from acute and sub-acute facilities to independent and assisted living environments,  it provides a reliable Life Safety grade system that gives caregivers the tools they need to communicate with patients anytime.

The Responder 4000 nurse call system takes the guesswork out of patient calls and makes your caregivers’ tasks easier — a critical benefit for your staff. The system can be integrated with wireless phones and pagers, notifying caregivers immediately of patient activity.

Responder 4000 is a comprehensive, scalable and customizable communications system that offers more value than any other. And with thousands of systems installed worldwide, the commitment to quality and reliability is unparalleled.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how the Responder nurse call systems can help your institution become more efficient and effective at the one thing that can distinguish you from others – outstanding patient care.