In the digital era, vast amounts of information and data are readily available. Privacy breaches and identity theft are serious concerns for many of us, especially in the technological age. With this in mind, organizations of all sizes must place a high priority on having the necessary security systems positioned to protect their customers, employees, and other assets.

And of course, there are the more traditional criminal activities that also necessitate having a security system. These would include customer and employee theft, fraud, vandalism, and other forms of violence, along with the protection of one’s premises. In this blog, we will discuss 5 tips for keeping your business safe.

1. Secure your property from the outside in.

Most criminals are smart. They will scope out a targeted business in advance to look for its vulnerable spots. This often starts on the outside of the building. They will look for things like security cameras, gates with locks, and access points like doors and windows where they can gain access. To prevent this from happening at your business establishment, assess the outside of your property to look for any weak spots that may not be covered by your security system.

2. Keep your business well lit.

Lighting is crucial to prevent or identify potential threats. Parking lots, building entry points, and back alleys should all be well lit. With the right combination of interior and exterior lighting and a video surveillance system, you can provide an effective deterrent against trespassing, theft, and property destruction. Whether your business keeps the lights on all night or has motion-sensing lights, be sure that areas with valuable assets are kept well lit.

3. Use security cameras

Security cameras should be a part of every business’s security plan, both inside your establishment and outside. They will protect your business by deterring crime and capture all footage. With remote video monitoring, you can identify, track, and evaluate potential security threats while on and off the premises.

4. Have an emergency plan

Whether you only have a few employees or several hundred, it’s critical that you have a security plan in place and that everyone who works at the company understands it. Have your plan posted somewhere in the office so your team can access it quickly if needed.

5. Routinely monitor and assess your security plan

Some business owners make the mistake of implementing a physical security plan and leaving it. After all, if it seems to be working and there are no incidents then why change it? This kind of thinking leaves your company vulnerable as you are essentially waiting for a threat to happen before making changes to your plan. Instead of putting your security plan on the back burner, take a proactive approach and routinely monitor your system. Is your current system up to date with modern technology? Have there been any changes to your building that have left areas vulnerable? These are all things that should be checked monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on your operation.

At Aatel, we provide solutions that cover the complete gamut of security systems for business, which include Internet Protocol (IP) Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Video Management (i.e. CCTV) systems. We support businesses in the Corporate, Healthcare, Government, and Education sectors by providing them with state-of-the-art security, surveillance, and alarm systems. We will work with you to design and install a complete security system that will meet your needs and your budget while optimally safeguarding your facility. To find out how these services can keep your business and its valuable assets better protected, contact us to today.