Increased workloads, in part due to staff cutbacks have resulted in increased demands on the average healthcare worker. At times, this has also resulted in increased risk for these caregivers as they have been exposed to more difficult and contentious situations. One way to alleviate this issue and better protect staff is to provide them with an effective communications device like a staff duress and panic alerting system that can notify security and other personnel in the event that a caregiver’s safety is at risk. This type of wireless security device helps protect healthcare personnel by enabling immediate response times during an emergency.

What are Staff Duress Systems?

Staff duress systems are an emergency response and protection system that gives your staff peace-of-mind that if a dangerous or life-threatening situation were to arise, they would have the ability to call for immediate help at the touch of a button from anywhere in the facility. When staff are in stressful situations, they do not have the time to stop and think their way through a complicated series of steps, so the duress alarm needs to be an easy-to-use device to be effective.

The Elpas Staff Duress solution is versatile and scalable. It combines Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and line of sight infrared (IR) technology that notifies security, emergency response and other personnel with real-time alerts when an incident arises. With this system in place, you can pinpoint the exact location of a security breach.  This solution can also be integrated with traditional security systems, video management systems, access control, and mass notification systems, as well as a variety of other healthcare technologies like Nurse Call Systems.

How it Works

Staff are provided with a badge that features wireless call functionality. To activate the device, they can simply press their badge’s call-button to discreetly summon help via the Elpas Receiver Network. These badges can be pre-programmed with location-based logic, so that the appropriate responders are informed instantly.

Where are Staff Duress Systems Used?

Duress Alarms are most commonly found in hospitals, long term care homes, and other large healthcare facilities where workers are often alone or alone with patients. These systems can also be found in prisons and detention centres where staff can be isolated and surrounded by potentially dangerous people.


Staff duress solutions can be adapted to any work environment and offer a range of benefits. The three top benefits include:

An easy-to-activate device

Staff members can send out a distress signal from anywhere inside the facility with the click of a button.

Location is everything

When a staff member is in a threatening environment, these systems provide you with the exact location of the person and security can locate them quickly.

Provide Protection and Comfort

Staff Duress systems provide your staff with the protection and comfort they need so they can focus on what they do best – providing outstanding care to their patients.


The best solution to keeping healthcare personnel safe is implementing a staff duress and panic alert system. This wireless solution protects your staff by enabling immediate response times during an emergency situation and the devices can be easily hidden behind a staff identification badge so they can discreetly call for help.

At Aatel Communications, we are focused on providing our clients with solutions that address a variety of life safety issues. To discover more about this cost-effective emergency response system, contact us today.