Most modern meeting rooms are equipped with high-end displays, interactive whiteboards, control systems, and other advanced equipment. Conferences, board meetings, and more have moved into the digital age in full force especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology has evolved to complement the way modern employees communicate and work. As a result, these systems need to work together seamlessly to enable communication, support users during their meetings, and provide users with a positive experience.

What is an AV Control System?

AV Control Systems are at the core of any integrated Audio-Visual system. Control Systems help users manage and control their AV solutions, providing added convenience, comfort, cost savings, and flexibility. These systems provide users with one simplified and streamlined interface that can control equipment individually or simultaneously.

How you can benefit from an AV Control System

  • Control all equipment from one central device.
  • The solution will be tailored to your room, your equipment, and your needs.
  • Reduce technical onboarding and learning curves for users.
  • Reduce IT support time.
  • Make it easy for meeting room users and presenters to get started quickly.
  • Increase user satisfaction with a more efficient and effective meeting room.

What can AV Control Systems do?

Control Systems can manage much more than AV technology; they can also:

  • Turn lights on/off or alter their output levels.
  • Lock/unlock doors.
  • Turn on/off devices, such as projectors, displays, cameras, and microphones.
  • Switch camera feeds or monitor various feeds.
  • Upload content to devices.
  • Change the temperature in a room.
  • Play music from a device.


Control Systems are scalable and easily upgradeable; they are designed to grow with you as your needs evolve and change.

These systems provide secure and reliable connectivity by design and thus can be integrated with your other internet-connected devices and hardware – onsite or via remote access around the world.

At Aatel, our preferred vendors for AV Control and Networking Systems are Crestron and Extron, two highly respected firms known for developing superior products and systems. Both suppliers excel at providing fully integrated systems capable of managing all your Audio Video equipment from a single management interface to a simple boardroom configuration, to an entire building or series of buildings.

To learn more about how our Control Systems and Networking solutions can be the right choice to meet your AV needs and so much more, contact us today.