What are access control systems?

Today, instead of using keys to get into the office, we carry access cards or ID badges to enter secured areas. Access control systems provide a building-wide protection system that keeps employees, information, equipment, and assets safeguarded.

Access control systems monitor and control who can access your facility, when and if necessary, for how long. These integrated systems are sophisticated in their design and are set up to match the security needs for your business or facility.

Let’s take a deeper look at why access control systems are beneficial for your business.


Increased ease of access for employees

Access Control Systems are great for businesses as they provide your employees with ease of access. These systems also allow your employees to use tags with embedded wireless technology or security codes to gain access to the facility. Once the employee has authorization, they can access all areas they need, to get their job done.

Keep track of who comes and who goes

Access Control Systems provide you with data on who has entered or exited the building and when. It logs every entry and exit of each individual so you can track when your employees arrive and leave.

Protect against unwanted visitors

Large businesses create more opportunities for unwanted visitors to go undetected. With an access control system in place, people will need credentials in order to gain access to the building and you can be assured that everyone in the building is supposed to be there. Access Control Systems allow trusted individuals in and keep others out. In case of an emergency, access control systems keep your employees safe.

Reduce theft and accidents

You can protect assets, equipment, and office supplies by controlling access to your building. Access can be restricted to certain rooms so only those with access can enter. If there’s an accident or a theft takes place, you will know who accessed the specific area at the time of the incident.

Provide access to multiple buildings/locations

Many companies have more than one location. Access control systems not only allow you to limit access, but they also allow access to multiple buildings if needed.


Aatel designs and installs access control systems in the Healthcare, Corporate, Education, and Government sectors. We have worked in several different facilities such as Acute, Long-Term and Residential Care, Assisted Living, Municipalities, Condominium complexes, Distribution facilities, small to large Business sites, and with Colleges and Universities.

Aatel has partnered with three industry leaders, each of whom has developed innovative access control systems. Keyscan, HID, and RBH Access Technologies design leading-edge security systems that are versatile, scalable, and flexible while remaining highly functional. They provide significant value for your investment while ultimately helping to control entry to your business or institution.

Find out more about how Aatel can assist in creating the ideal access control system for you. Contact us today for more information!