At Aatel Communications Inc., we leverage our over 30 years of experience as a systems integrator to provide our clients with customized sales, design, programming, installation and servicing options within HamiltonGTA and across Southern Ontario.  We offer a broad spectrum of products and services in the areas of Communications Systems, Life Safety and Security Solutions. Aatel is a division of the ISI Group of Companies, which has been in the communications business since 1947.

Technology is playing a more prominent role in business today than ever before. As it continues to grow and evolve in its complexity, more and more businesses are turning to trusted companies that can help them navigate through this ever-changing environment to identify solutions that will best meet their unique needs. What sets Aatel apart is the specialized knowledge we have developed over the past half-century. We have expertise in a variety of key industry segments including Healthcare, Government, Corporate, and Education, which distinguishes us from many other providers that service a much wider market. Learn more about what differentiates us by visiting our About Us page.