Audio Equipment


No AV system would be complete without dependable Audio Equipment. Audio is a critical part of any AV setup, given its ability to enhance verbal communication with one’s audience and improve the overall user experience.

Regardless of the venue or the application, a well designed audio system enables you to communicate effectively with your audience – however big or small. While every facility may be different as are your actual requirements. At Aatel, we’ve made available the right options and solutions to meet your audio needs.


We’ve teamed up with three leaders in the commercial audio industry – BIAMP, TOA, and Tannoy. By working closely with our suppliers and clients, we’re able to develop unique solutions that are customized to your needs and those of your audience. We excel at a wide array of installations across several industries, including Arenas and Sports Complexes, Lecture Halls, Places of Worship, and Courtrooms to name but a few.

Arenas and Sports Complexes

Every sports facility is distinctive in its size, configuration, usage, or seating capacity. Having the right audio solution for your AV needs is very much a function of working with the right service provider to develop a complete, integrated solution.

We spend the time to understand the various uses you have for your sports facility so we can help develop the audio system that will best meet all of them. We’re focused on ensuring that your customers have the best possible experience in your facility.

Lecture Halls and Auditoriums

Lecture Halls and auditoriums in colleges, universities, and other learning facilities are a challenging environment from an audio perspective. A student’s ability to hear and understand what is being said and taught to them can affect the overall learning experience, both positively and negatively.

Aatel has worked in the Education sector for many years. Combined with our Presentation and Display services, we offer our clients a complete audio service.

Houses of Worship

Churches, synagogues, temples, and other places of worship are sacred dwellings where people gather regularly to pray, share, and meet as a community. Being able to communicate verbally in such a setting is often critical as this is where people connect on an intimate basis.

Having the right audio system in place can go a long way to enhancing the experience for your congregation, particularly if you have live music and vocalists. We’ll help you select the system best suited for your buildings’ acoustics and which fully meets your expectations.


Courthouses represent a unique challenge and opportunity for those of us that design audio systems for these facilities. Real-time communication is important, but so is the ability for people like Court Reporters to do their job properly. All this requires a dynamic and flexible system capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

At Aatel, our knowledge and experience in the Government sector and with courtrooms of all types and sizes has enabled us to develop a level of expertise in this area. We can work with you to create the right solution for your facility.

Contact us today to learn more about how Aatel can meet all of your audio requirements.